Over 1200 ancillary industrial units with the likes of Edelman India Pvt Ltd, Elegant Marine Services Pvt Ltd, Go Javas, Helios Global Services, the Sushant Lok Phase 1 region definitely witnesses a lot of meeting and conferences. The Sushant Lok Phase 1 region is very close to the NH8 and it is highly suited for those clients who are straightway coming from the airport or have to leave via the airport after the meeting and conference. These aspects make Sushant Lok Phase 1 as a top choice for meeting and conferences and the presence of meeting rooms in Sushant Lok Phase 1 has helped many businesses to organize the meeting and conference in the most comfortable manner possible.

Why Sushant Lok Phase 1 is an excellent place for conferences and meetings?

Sushant Lok Phase 1 has magnificent hotels like Stately Suites, Asian Suites, Park Plaza, Pilazio, First Star, Courtyard by Marriott. These hotels are helpful during meetings and conferences. All these hotels are located within the proximity of 3 km and delegates, clients can easily arrange for accommodation and fine dining after important meetings. These advantages have made Sushant Lok Phase 1 an excellent spot for conducting meeting and conferences.  Top providers of meeting rooms in this region has enabled the businesses to never get bothered whenever they are in need of meetings.

  • Vatika
  • Apexone
  • Regus
  • Am Soft Business Center

How Meeting Rooms Are More Comfortable Than Hotels for Conferences and meetings?

Meetings and conferences involve serious discussion and debate. The realms of hotel are fine but they are not optimally suited to hold the meeting and conferences. It is here where the role of meeting rooms comes into play. The meeting rooms in Sushant Lok Phase 1 are equipped with projector facility, IP phones, flipchart, whiteboard, housekeeping and pantry services to help businesses. These things are present in hotel as well but meeting rooms also grant professional environment lacking in hotels. These advantages definitely give meeting rooms in Sushant Lok Phase 1 an advantage as compared to other facility for the conduct of meeting and conferences.