The businesses are looking for smart solution and the introduction of new and innovative concepts have proven their might at offering feasible solution to the businesses. Categorically speaking, Gurgaon occupies a sweet spot in the business realm and sector 30 and sector 50 shelters mighty skyscrapers for business like Park Centra and Silverton Tower. These specific buildings and other businesses play an important role in contribution towards the growth in Gurgaon. Roughly, if estimated 1/4th of the revenue of Haryana comes only from Gurgaon.

To propose a proposition or a plan, you need a professional space to place the ideas and all other blue prints of the business. The meeting rooms in Gurgaon business centers have provided this leverage. You can easily conduct meetings in the meeting rooms and smoothen the business operation. The businesses which need to organize meetings quite often cannot rely on hotels and cafes. The presence of meeting rooms has resolved the problem dramatically.

When business needs a professional touch and an amicable environment to discuss future plans, organize meetings, conduct training and interviews, the mediocre setup of hotel is not the answer they seek and business centers with sophisticated meeting rooms are able to adhere to the requirements of the business.

How Meeting Rooms Are helping Businesses

Sitting/ Customization Facility: In the hotels or café points, one cannot choose the right specification as per the requirement. The presence of business centers has helped with meeting rooms. The businesses can have arrangements for board room meetings, conferences, interviews, training session and classroom setup.

Location: The business owners can have a good location which is easily accessible by rail, road and air.The location of the meeting room will also have a considerable impact in the minds of the stake holders. The conference room in Park Centra for example is easily accessible by the National Highway and metro station Huda City Center which is just 3 km away.

Technological Advancements: At Park Centra, these specific structure for parley and discussions are equipped with LED TV with PC terminals, projectors for presentation, leased internet line with Wi-Fi connectivity, video conferencing arrangements, wall mounted speakers and IP phones.

Hospitality Services: Catering services, hot and cold beverages with snacks, house-keeping and other attendants for a better service.

Reception: A completely professional reception to adhere to the client’s requirement and answer to the calls and create a favorable picture in the eye of the clients. With a completely professional reception, a better brand perception can be built in the eye of the stake holders.