Old Gurgaon Road is very strategic point for business meetings. Top brands like Accenture, Ernst & Young, Sapient, Unitech, Maruti Suzuki India, Ascent, Amdocs, Reliance life insurance operate in this region. They have gained a lot while holding meetings and conferences due to connectivity and other advantages like hotels which are present in this region.  Even for small and big businesses which are operating close to the Old Gurgaon Road, they have found a better option for their meetings and conferences due to the presence of meetings rooms in Old Gurgaon Road. These businesses have relied on this location whenever it is about appeasing the clients against a good location for meetings and conferences.

Why Old Gurgaon Road is an excellent place to conduct meetings and conferences?

The realtors are the prime business operatives on the Old Gurgaon Road and they are in continuous touch with different businesses for construction and planning. The pursuit of infrastructure development requires continuous meetings with the clients and delegates. A realtor sitting in Gurgaon cannot think of organizing the business meeting in Delhi. The Old Gurgaon Road with its meeting rooms have helped such distressed businesses. The IGI airport is easily reachable in a hassle-free way through this road which meets on the NH8.  At the same time, the metro connectivity is also bettered through rapid metro’s Vodafone Belvedere station and Yellow Line’s Huda City Centre and IFFCO Chowk. The NH8 also runs parallel to Old Gurgaon Road. Not just the connectivity is huge but the Old Gurgaon Road has luxurious hotels like Hyatt Place Gurgaon to accommodate guests and delegates after important meeting and conferences. The top names to rely upon for meeting rooms are:

  • Regus
  • Global Business Park
  • ApexOne Business Center
  • Unitech Info Service
  • Infospace Limited
  • ITC Limited

How Meeting Rooms Are Better than Hotels for Conducting the Meetings?

In a hotel, one would get a mixed crowd, but meeting rooms in Old Gurgaon Road offer the professional ambience along with advantages like audio-video conferencing, high speed internet, IP phones, projector facility, flipchart and whiteboard. There is also support from the admin team, housekeeping, reception and tech team. For refreshments, the meeting rooms are also able to provide the pantry services. Using business centers for meeting rooms is more professional than hotels.