The meeting rooms in DLF Cyber City have played a crucial role to help such enterprises for smooth conduct of their meetings and conferences. But there might be question in the minds of the entrepreneurs and businesses about the venue to conduct the meeting.

Perched in development and expansion, the DLF Cyber City is an excellent place for the businesses to mark their presence. The realms of DLF Cyber City witness prominent offices and businesses. “Fortune 500” companies like Ericsson, Pepsi, Discovery Channel, Shells, General Electric, Standard Chartered, Samsung, American Express operate from this location.

The presence of such companies means more business and more is the requirement to conduct meetings and conferences. Many companies arrange meetings in their own premises, at the same time, there are others who are in search of professional meeting rooms to organize their special arrangements.

Most of them may question the efficiency of DLF Cyber City as a meeting venue. Let’s find out why meeting rooms in DLF Cyber City is the best option for conferences and discussions. Why DLF Cyber City is an excellent place to conduct meeting and conferences? With more than 250 of Fortune 500 companies and other small and big companies located at close proximity, the hassle of dealing with clients get resolved at DLF Cyber City. Most of the companies are located close-by, thereby, immediate meetings and conferences can be arranged between the business partner. For meetings and conferences, there are few basics to be kept in mind: security, convenience, transportation and accommodation. The DLF Cyber City region is equipped with 12,000 CCTV, 1300 security guards and Disaster Management and Disaster Recovery Plan team. The rapid metro from the Sikanderpur metro station provides 360-degree tour of this region. Presence of hotels like Royal Ramiro Residency, Cyber City Suites, The Oberoi, Trident, Maple Leaf adheres to the need of fine dining and accommodation which is very important for the delegates and clients after the meeting and conferences. The IGI airport is a 20-minute travel from DLF Cyber City. These benefits are the strong reasons to choose this place as the next meeting venue. The support for meetings is further bolstered by the presence of top-notch providers of meeting rooms like:

  • Frontline Business Center
  • Crosscoop Delhi NCR
  • The Executive Center
  • Corporate Edge
  • Vatika Triangle
  • Regus

How Meeting Rooms Are Better Than a Hotel Establishment for conferences? A hotel will encounter a mixed crowd, whereas, if you are in the meetings rooms in DLF Cyber City, in that case, the right ambience along with all the facilities would be given. The meeting rooms are equipped with audio-video conferencing, flipchart, whiteboard, IP Phones, housekeeping and pantry services. These advantages have driven the business to choose this location as a strategic point for meeting and conferences.