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Gurgaon has been equipped and gifted with all the probable facility to streamline business and operation. The rich demand-supply paradigm has driven entrepreneurs to undertake investment and witness their business expand beyond the four walls and cutting across different states, towns and cities. But often the mode of expansion has come up with challenges and these days the business enthusiast are looking for the right solution to revamp their business and watch it grow. The concept of meeting rooms provided by business centers have helped them dramatically to meet with their expansion pursuits. No matter whether it is about creating a reputation in the minds of the clients, or organizing an interview session, training session at the most amicable location. The availability of business centers has definitely helped the emerging businesses to eye on expansion through meetings, interviews and discussions.

Space constraints have always been a concern for businesses and they are in need of the most promising solution. Most businesses may indulge in an assorted array of activities like training, interviews, meetings which cannot be confined to a single location. With the help of meeting rooms, the training, conferences, interviews etc. can happen at any location at any point of time.

The meeting rooms with us are equipped with latest technologies and they can help smoothen the business needs and ensure a better solution to the problem of joint parley, interviews, discussions and many more such things needed in day-to-day business activities.

Meeting Rooms and its different features

Arrangements: The training rooms are ergonomically designed to meet with varied requirements of the business. You can organize meetings in a cabaret, horse shoe or board room style. At the same time, if you want to hold conferences or conduct training sessions then it can be arranged in classroom and training style as well in these rooms.

IT and Innovation: Technological advancements offered at the meeting rooms also support the business needs. The individuals who are conducting meetings, conferences and training programs can connect with other in the same country or abroad through video conference venue we have with us. The big LCD display allows ease of presentation followed by flipchart and white board for better explanation of proposals and plans in a classical way. The presence of wireless internet and high speed broad band with optic fiber ensures smooth work and optimum connectivity with the world.

Hospitality: The meeting rooms are also upbeat and upfront with a completely dedicated house-keeping and catering service to provide tea and beverages. At the same time, arrangements for fooding can also get facilitated in nick of time with the support of the service staff.

Iconic Location: The meeting rooms are strategically situated close to rail, road and air transportation and they are based at iconic buildings. At Gurgaon, the meeting rooms can be availed at Park Centra and Silverton Tower equipped with all the tech advancements to smoothen your experience.